Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Bomber Jacskon Series

'Bomber Jackson Does Some' and 'On The Out' are the first and second of three or possibly four Bomber Jackson stories.
In the first, ‘Bomber Jackson Does Some’, Bomber Jackson is released from a fictional version of HMP Ford determined on a new sober life but falls foul of the lure of alcohol on his first morning out and wrong footed by paranoia and anxiety smashes up the railway buffet, ending up with an 18 month sentence instead of a train journey back to his native London.Released from Pentonville a more thoughtful and insightful person, Bomber Jackson seems to have a better chance of beating his demons, he’s brought his writer’s notebook out with him and unlike all the mornings he’s left prison almost penniless and had to book into a hostel, this time his A.A. sponsor Cynthia has sent him two hundred pounds so that when he sees despair in Camden Town imediately before the start of On The Out he has the choice to move on.

Bob Boyton's association with homeless people

Bob's association with homeless people goes back twenty five years.
As a trades union activist Bob was closely involved with the strike by Rowton House workers and residents 1982 - 1983 at Arlington House in Camden Town which brought Arlington into public ownership.
The strikers then returned the favour shortly after their victorious return to work by getting Bob a job in the 'Big House'when he found himself unemployed.
Since then Bob has worked variously as a resettlement worker,street outreach worker,tenancy sustainment worker and cold weather shelter volunteer.
In 2000 Bob presented the BBC's acclaimed documentary 'Who Killed Mark Faulkner'about the life and death of a young rough sleeper.

Information for Producers and Bookers
Bomber Jackson Does Some and On The Out both work best in a small studio theatre or a
space that can be turned into one temporarily although Bob has performed both shows in non theatrical spaces.
Bomber Jackson Does Some runs for about 45 minutes and On The Out for around an hour.
Because of it's length the first show makes an excellent piece for training events
in the not for profit sector and Bob can be available to facilitate a Q & A session after the performance for such an occasion.

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